Origin of Life

After finishing the Apocalypse, I started to think about what the beginning of the world was like. Using the cosmic elements featured in this drawing, I decided to do a fashion project that involves a more “fine-art” approach. My original plan was to focus on the use of colors and mixed textures. However, a garment was not a 2D canvas, so I thought I should try techniques different with what I used on paper. I found exactly what I need in my biology textbook: a picture of a human embryo. The shape of dividing cells inspired me to create a connected tail-like structure on the dress that represented the development of human body and soul. On the other hand, the colorful tulle piece attached on the back symbolizes the infinite space. Together, the whole piece expressed my impression toward universe, the origin of life.

在完成了the Apocalypse (末日) 之後,我開始思考世界最初是什麼樣子。我決定利用這幅畫裡的宇宙元素來做一個偏純藝術(非成衣)的服裝作品。原定計劃是要專注在色彩的運用還有材質的混搭,但是衣服畢竟不是一個平面的畫布,所以我想我也應該嘗試和紙上創作用的不一樣的技巧。

我在生物課本上找到的一張人類胚胎圖片正是我要的。分裂中的細胞形狀啟發我做出一個相連的尾狀結構,象徵的是人類肉體與心靈的發展。另外,連接在背後的那塊彩色新娘紗代表的是無垠的空間。整體來說,這件作品想表達的就是我對於生命之源-- 宇宙 的印象。

Compared to the birth of my ideas, the making of this piece was more challenging to me.

Many of the techniques required weren’t in my comfort zone. Fortunately, teachers whom I learned basic tailoring skills from were both glad to answer my questions throughout the process. After months of trying (struggling), the dress was finally done.


xx,Winnie WYC

Wearing: "Origin of Life" dress, designed and made by Winnie Chen

Model: Joyce Wu

Photographer: Winnie Chen

Makeup & Hair: Winnie Chen

Photoshoot assistant: Irene Lee

*Fun fact: The photoshoot was done in February, the coldest time of the year, so I let Joyce wore her stockings to keep warm (Though they looked awkward).Anyways, this is a minidress, so don’t worry about not seeing any full-body shoot (it doesn't make much difference).