Find Your Enlightenment

Watching every TED talk videos is an enriching journey. I learned a lot as an audience, but I also wondered what it was like to be a builder of this experience. Thus, when the crew audition of TEDx event held in my school started in March, I didn’t hesitate a second before submitting my resume.

I had never participated in such a large scale group project before. During our first meeting, my heart pumped like an overheated engine, but also filled with excitement.

Working with a group of elites! What else could be more inspiring than that?

However, holding an event is never an easy thing, especially when it’s a professional TEDx.

As a member of the production team, my task was to design the logo, t-shirts, posters, pamphlets, and merchandises with my teammates. When we were brainstorming about the logo design for our theme “enlightenment,” we took quite a while to capture the physical form of this abstract idea. After weeks of revising, we finally came up with the universe, referring to infinite inspirations. With that done, the making of other items became much easier.

觀賞每一部TED talk影片都是一趟充實的旅程。我在身為觀眾時學到很多,但也好奇當自己是那趟旅程的建造者會是什麼感覺。因此,當辦在我校內的TEDx活動開始招募工作人員時,我就毫不猶豫的送出了履歷。





Though TEDxWegoHighSchool was organized by students, we expected it to reach the level of the official one. Looking for the fittest lecturers, promoting to the right audience, designing visuals and merchandise, managing digital media, finding suitable sponsors, and making photography records… each aspect was just as crucial as others. All of these had to be done within two months, so the process was doubtlessly intense and exhausting.

Overnight discussion and hours of work weren’t anything new.

Your aesthetics wouldn’t always work in others’ perspectives.

What you spent 3 hours on would possibly be rejected in a 3 minute discussion.

The first version, second version,... tenth version, finally done.

The reality was not always delightful, but I understood that was just the way things worked, and there was nothing wrong with that.

It was just like a preview of the design industry.

This experience made me grow. A lot.

雖然TEDxWegoHighSchool 是由學生主辦,我們期許它能達到官方的水平。從尋找講者、做好行銷、設計擺設和紀念品、處理網站和社群媒體、找到契合的贊助商,到過程中的影像記錄,每一部分和其他的一樣非常重要。這些全部都得在兩個月之內完成,想當然過程是非常緊湊且累人的。








I was really grateful to be a part of these wonderful people that worked toward a common goal and supported each other like brothers and sisters. When all the speakers finished their sharing and the applause started, I, too, felt enlightened.



xx, Winnie WYC

Event day 活動花絮 by Zoe Lee 李唯伊