My Fear

I don’t deem the instinctive thrill, what we usually preceive in horror movies, as fear.

Fear is accumulative.

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I would lie on my bed awake and look at my surroundings.

Sometimes, I can imagine the most hideous form out of the most normal thing.

Sometimes, I wonder whether these imaginations are also a part of me... am I just liberating them from the ordinary characteristics of mine?

Maybe there are eyes behind the curtain, under the bed, or at the dim corner of the ceiling...

It creeps into my mind, little by little, and at a certain point,






有時,我不禁懷疑這些幻想其實也是我的一部份... 或許我只是將它們從正常的性格之中解放出來而已?





My biggest fear are being stared at, being swallowed, and being strangled.

So when I got a sheet paper as my basic material, I drew terrified eyes on it,tore up its margins, crumpled it up, and winded it with aluminum wire.



A respected and erudite friend of mine suggested that this piece, especially when I shoot it with slight shaking, reminded him of Francis Bacon’s paintings. Thus, I took inspirations from Study after Velázquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X (1953) and edited it with “double exposure effects” to enhance the visual that represented strong emotions. Just like the painting, I didn’t intend to associate my edit with any religious or political implications.

我一位備受尊重且博學的朋友曾告訴我這件作品(特別是當我用上下晃動的方式拍攝時)讓他聯想到二十世紀的具象藝術巨匠法蘭西斯·培根的作品。因此,我從他的 Study after Velázquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X (1953) 汲取靈感,然後用重曝的方式增強表現強烈情緒的視覺效果。跟他創作那幅畫時一樣,我的作品沒有任何針對宗教或政治的隱喻。

I didn’t do much brainstorming, since I felt like it should look just the way it was.

It was structural, distorted, and always in motion.



xx, Winnie WYC


"My Fear" (2017) multimedia display art by Winnie Chen

Photography & Post-edit: Winnie Chen

Material: Sketching paper, watercolor, calligraphy ink, aluminum wire