It was a tranquil Sunday morning.

Mom and I arrived at the flower market early, but I can already hear the distant sounds of the people at my first venture into this massive building. When we finally entered the market, what came into my eyes impressed me -- it was a maze of colors! Carmine, navy blue, maize, light green, rosy pink, some with large petals, some without … I was surrounded by all kinds of precious flowers and bizarre plants, some I hadn’t seen in my life before. I wandered around while Mom was selecting a display plant for her client, and spotted a low-key shop on the most quiet corner in this space.



當我們正式進入場內時,映入眼簾的景象驚豔了我 -- 宛如一座色彩交織的迷宮!洋紅、藏青、黍黃、淺綠、玫瑰粉、花有著大片花瓣、有些沒有... 我被各種奇花異草團團包圍,有些甚至我一輩子都沒見過。當母親正為客戶挑選新居擺設的植栽時,我便在附近四處閒逛,途中發現了一家低調的小店,坐落於全場最寧靜的那個角落。

It was a shop selling dried flowers. The slightly faded tones of these manufactured plants seemed more attractive to me than the fresh ones, for their mysteriousness and nobility, just like antiquated jewelries. I picked up a small bunch of golden-foiled eucalyptus leaves and felt ready to leave, but when I took one last glance on the items -- ohh! A rare color captured my eyes.



At first sight it looked as black as the feather of a raven, however, when I got a closer look, the leaves gleamed with indigo and emerald, even with a little violet and peacock blue as well. The image of a pair of earrings made by this material emerged immediately. So I went home delightfully with two bunches of beautiful leaves in hand, and made my thoughts into reality. These leaves seemed to own undiscovered stories when they were still apart of nature. But at this moment the colors of dyes made up a new chapter of their afterlife.



I stood in front of the mirror with the finished pieces on, felt like carrying the dark charm and sentiment of faded lives that would never revive. Perhaps it was the spirit of the raven on my ear, whispering: “Nevermore.”


xx, Winnie WYC


"Raven" earrings by Winnie Chen

Photography: Winnie Chen (tripod)

Makeup and Styling: Winnie Chen

Model: Winnie Chen