Black Swan

This project was originally intended to be a makeup photoshoot. However, as I was editing these images, I sensed that there was something more within them.

So I started my random experiment with photoshop, splashing different colors and applying filters, and finally ended up with this pair.


於是我就用photoshop 開始了這個隨機的實驗,在照片上加了各種顏色和濾鏡,最後得到了這樣的成果。

They made me thought of Odette and Odile, the central characters in Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan Lake. Odette was angelic, graceful, and kind, while Odile is wild, sexy, and does everything she can to steal the prince’s heart from Odette. These two characters are completely different, but most of the time they’re played by the same dancer. It’s physically and mentally challenging, and almost like there are two conflicting personality co-existing in one body.

As the white swan presents throughout a huge portion of the play, the black swan waits for a perfect moment to take over.

Just like Nina in the movie Black Swan, people who are overly obsessed with being “the white swan” often unconsciously suppressed all other possibilities within themselves. These long-oppressed characteristics turn into another raw, magnificent, and dangerous “black swan” that eventually swallows the original self. Nina spends most of her life pursuing perfection, but in the end when she realizes that she succeeds as the reckless one, she says,

“I was perfect.”

這組畫面讓我聯想到了柴可夫斯基的芭蕾舞劇 ⟪天鵝湖⟫ 中的兩位要角,白天鵝奧黛特與黑天鵝奧黛爾。 奧黛特如天使般優雅又善良,而奧黛爾狂放不羈、性感且盡其所能將王子的心從奧黛爾手中奪走。這兩位角色完全不同,但大多都是由同一位舞者飾演。這在生理和心理上都是個考驗,好似有兩種相互衝突的性格共存于同一個身體中一般。



xx, Winnie WYC

Photographer: Winnie Chen

Model: Joyce Wu

Wearing: a tulle structure I made for random use, earrings from Vacanza

Hair&Makeup: Winnie Chen

Photoshoot assistant: Christina Wang