Pure Color

This piece was actually for my final project of school’s art class, which required students to interpret the concept of “color wheel” through any kinds of medium. I didn’t tend to create 2D works at first, because that was what I had always been doing. Short films, sculptures, and textiles were my ideal options, however, as the final exams of other subjects started to come up to me one after another, limited time and the lack of space/ facilities left me no choice but to give up those ideas. Just as I was wandering around the internet world, struggling for finding alternatives, a series of “liquid pouring art” videos popped on my recommended list. As an enthusiast of trying out different painting methods, I immediately created my version of “color wheel” by pouring diluted acrylic paint on the canvas and let it flow.Till that moment did I realize the reason why I struggled so much throughout the process: I kept myself in a certain ideal, thinking that going into the 3D or digital fields was the only way to step out of my comfort zone, but forgot how mesmerizing it could be by simply rediscovering the beauty of pure color. The beauty of this kind of drawing style isn’t about the exquisite techniques that the traditional Western artworks require, but about the “randomness” of the naturally mixing paints. Under the guidance of gravity, colors that are originally consecutive and regular clash and blend freely with each other.


The border of red and blue presents a bold, sophisticated pattern, while the borders between red-yellow and yellow-blue are relatively smooth. However, the distinctiveness between these parts of the painting doesn’t cause disturbance for the overall view, instead, it creates a balance, just like the concept of “En” (mighty) and “Yang” (gentle) in Chinese culture.


When you compare specific areas of this painting, it feels like starring at different pieces of art, but also somehow cohesive with each other. To me, this looks like people’s eyes,the landscape on earth, the universe, everything.


This is pure color, pure infinity. 這就是色彩,純粹而無限。

xx, Winnie WYC

Featuring: "Pure Color" by Winnie Chen, 2017.

Material: Oil canvas, Acrylic paint