“Vigorous, naive, and soothing; like a refreshing breeze in the gloomy world,” said Joyce, the screenplay writer, “that’s what I want Grace to represent in this play.”

As the costume designer of this supporting actress in the school’s English drama contest, I started brainstorming with several impressions in mind:

Chiffon, satin, tulle, floral ornaments.

Just like the character’s name, Grace, I wanted to create a look that possess elegance and unflagging perseverance. So I took inspiration from the pink Givenchy dress worn by Audrey Hepburn for Vogue in 1955 and added some personal twists on it.

Of course, the script changed a lot along the rehearsal process, and most of the characters became slightly different from the original setting in some aspects (for instance, Grace became a little impulsive and funny). However, I think everyone would agree that Angela, the actress, had still done a brilliant job animating Grace and utilizing the costume as she played the role.

I really wish I could show you guys some pictures. Unfortunately, I didn’t have sufficient time to take good-quality photos at the contest day.

Thus,I invited Joyce to create another interpretation of Grace, the very first version in her script.

「活躍,純真,撫慰人心的 ; 好似陰鬱世界中一陣舒爽的微風」

Joyce(我們班的編劇)說道 :「這就是我希望Grace這個角色在劇中呈現的特色 。」



就如同Grace 這個名字的字面含義,我想要創造一個同時賦予她優雅和堅韌氣質的造型。因此,我將奧黛麗 赫本(a.k.a. 女神)在1955年Vogue雜誌上所穿的一襲粉色紀梵希小禮服作為主要靈感,並加上個人巧思成為最後的成品。

當然,在一次次的演員排演過程中,劇本本身及演員的角色設定都和Joyce原本設定的不太一樣(例如Grace的個性就變得比較傻大姊還有衝動)。但無論如何,我想所有參與這次話劇比賽的人都會同意一個事實:Angela(我們班的最佳女配角 :D )充分的運用這套服裝來凸顯她的個人氣質,並為這個角色做了很好的詮釋。



Standing in the shower of warm sunlight and chill wind, we shot for about an hour in a relaxing mood. An unpainted grey concrete wall became our favorite spot, which accentuated the light pink dress perfectly.


The dramatic wave structures of the skirt part flowed beautifully as she danced in circles, and the satin petals shone under the sunlight.

Watching this dress being worn again delighted me, just like a refreshing breeze.

Hope you enjoy this version of Grace as well.




xx, Winnie WYC

Wearing: "Grace" dress by Winnie Chen

Model: Joyce Wu

Photographer:Winnie Chen

Hair &makeup : Winnie Chen

Photoshoot assistant: Christina Wang