Welcome to the world of Fassionism

I can't precisely remember since when devoting in fashion became my passion.

It's always there. Creating things with my aesthetics gives me a sense of ecstasy beyond words, and I'm sure this feeling come from my passion for fashion.

Thus, I recognize my central idea in my designs as Fassionism, the combination of fashion and passion.

Articulation hasn't become my strength (though I tried hard to improve), but I also like to express myself and my inner fantasies through my design, photography and writing.

This thought motivates me to start this blog/online portfolio as a link to the world, to share my enthusiasm with others.

This is me, Winnie Chen, who now proudly present to you this website.

I hope everyone who visits here can eventually find his or hers passion and experience the same exhilaration as I do.

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts!




因此,Fassionism ( fashion 和 passion 的合體)成了我設計作品裏的中心思想。


這些興趣驅使我設立這個部落格 / 線上作品集,並以此為窗口對全世界分享我的熱誠。

這就是我,陳文悅 (Wen-Yueh,Chen),現在將這個網站呈現給你 / 妳。



xx, Winnie WYC

Photographer: Winnie Chen

(using tripod)

Hair & Makeup: Winnie Chen